Letter to Host Family

Dear Loving Host Family!
My name is Jovelyn,you can call me Jhove and your future daughter/sister! I am 28 years old(but with a young and childish-like heart) welll-experienced babysitter/nanny for almost 4 years.I have a not so big family,both of my parents are residing in our hometown known as CamSur where nice beaches lays down.I have 4 brothers and 1 sister,we are all grown up educated and God fearing as our parents taught us.I am the one who take good care of my youngest brother and my sister's kids,I learned household chores at a very young age that's why it is not hard for me to do such things when I grow up.

I take good care of my neighbors kids,I love being around by childrens,they are my happiness specially when they made you feel loved by them.They used to call me "Mommy Jug" as they can't pronounce my name fluently.I've been a teacher to them (teach them to draw,read,write and make art crafts to enhance their creative minds),also I love outdoor activities(riding a bike,swim,even a camp-out to backyard will do).I am a very hardworking,responsible,organized,and flexible person.

I love to travel abroad,discover new culture,and learning things out of it.That's why I would like to become a Au pair not just because to pursue my dreams but to help you with the kids.

I am looking for a live-in arrangement for a host family that would be happy to have me and stay with and work for them for atleast 6 months and up,a family that will love and respect me,I would also prefer looking after children aged 1year to 10 years old.I can take also household chores and other things that my host family needed me.I would be happy to have a chance to speak with you,to answer questions about me and learn more about your family.Rest-assured that you will not regret having me as part of your family as a daughter/sister.I can't wait to meet your family to share and exchange different cultures.
Thank you so much and Im looking forward to hearing from you soon.


28 years, Philippines

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