Letter to Host Family

Dear My Future Host Family,
My name is Jayzelle and I want to try become an Au pair. I have knowledge of healthcare services because I'm a graduate of pharmacy. My hobbies and interest are hiking, taking pictures of places & people, cooking, biking, watching vlogs, re-organizing things in my room & in the house, and play volleyball/basketball/badminton with my siblings. I think these hobbies and interest of mine can help me as an Au pair.

Coming to my family, we are six members. I’m the eldest and have three siblings, ages 19, 15 and 10. As the eldest, I took care of my siblings when they were young and also,the one who always help our mom with the household chores like cleaning, cooking and doing the laundry. Childcare is not new to me because I grew up with kids and until now, I really like to babysit or take care of my young cousins, nieces and nephews. And to household chores, I'm used of doing it since when I was a child, to living away from home for my studies and up until now as a young adult.

I assure you that I can help you with light household chores and/or take care of your children. I want to share our Filipino culture & show great values we have. I am an understanding and open-minded person so I’m interested to new ideas & knowledge other people will share. I might be shy at first though I am very approachable, and later on, I think I’ll be talkative. I am teachable and adapt to things carefully. I want to help your family more as you chose me as your Au pair.

My plan after this Au pair experience is to get back in the Philippines. I want to study again and major in clinical pharmacy. By that time I want to pursue my career as a pharmacist. Warm regards, Jayzelle

23 years, Philippines

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