Letter to Host Family

Dear family, I don’t know how to begin in my honest tone. I’ve never been an Au pair in my life or even in my own house what I mean is I don’t do a lot of chores at home but I know how to because my parents taught me. I know how to clean the house, how to do the laundry and the dishes but I only know few when it comes to cooking. When I was a child we were one of the poorest family in the city we do the chores without the help of machines. I do the laundry manually and I can even brush a toilet bowl people here in my place don’t think I can do those things because they see me as a woman who knows nothing about chores and that’s why they are wrong about me.

I was a senior high school teacher for two years. My students are one of the people I can say my family as well. I told to myself I will pursue my teaching career I will take Masteral and even Doctoral but my plans dont come that way when your wants and needs are fighting. I want those degree but those were wants. I have needs and my family has too. I want to be an Au pair because I want to earn money where I can buy a house and lot here in the Philippines. I want to earn money enough to sustain the wants and needs of my younger brother. Why? I am not spoiling him but I promised to myself after my mom died 2 years ago that I will give what is best for my brother and I want to make sure that he will have a life he deserves.

I am a happy person I like to laugh and I want the people around me are optimistic because I believe being positive in life is communicative. If happens you like me I dont want to be just a person who work for you I know this sounds demanding but I hope I can be part of your family too.

25 years, Philippines

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