Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Family,

I am writing this letter to you because I’d like to apply as Au pair.
I’m Lea B. Seco, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Holy Name University at Tagbilaran City Bohol. I’m 28 years of age. I’m a jolly person but at first I’m Shy type but I guess that’s just normal,since it’s the first time of meeting and I still need to adjust to new environment and another people.
We were nine in the family including my parents. But my older sister died at the age of 3. My younger brother died last 2014 and this year last January my mother died because of cancer. Now were living at my parents’ house my father is a senior citizen. I am the six child of the family. We have 8 dogs in the house 3 of them is a puppy. My family loves taking care of dogs. We also have pigs and chickens in our backyards.
I was able to pursue my studies with the help of my brother and sister financially and always inspired me, encourage me to finish my Bachelor Degree I’m so thankful with them because despite of our daily needs and their needs they still manages to help me.
After I graduate I spend my whole year to repay the help of my sister so I decided to become a volunteer babysitter after that I apply and get hired in Alturas Company as Account Payable Clerk as a regular employee. I also had my on the job training when I’m on my vocational course in caregiving how to take care from infant to adult. By preparing formula, changing diapers, and sterilize baby bottle, baby bathing and helping and assisting the grade school child of their school activity. Because it is best living in a clean surroundings I always make sure that I maintain the cleanliness of the close areas. I really love kids, during summer my nephews and nieces will get their vacation in our hometown so during that time I always try to find ways to have bonding times with them. So much of that I am hoping that you would spend time in knowing me more so you could decide if I am capable.Thank you.

28 years, Philippines

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