Letter to Host Family

My name is Kanchana . You can call me Waan. I live in Bangkok,Thailand. I graduated from Chanrakasem University. I love playing sports such as volleyball, swimming, badminton, table tennis and joking. I love reading history, motivation and languages. The kinds of book, I do read are about mentalities, passive income, travelling by backpacking, book of joy from Dalai Lama and meditations method from various countries.
My experiences about caring children were occurred 10 years ago. My aunt had 2 babies. I helped her take care of baby by myself when she went to work. I helped my aunt feed them food and milk, give them a bath and put them to sleep. However, presently I have new experiences from Kido(Nursery). Nurseries recommend me so much things to take care child with right method for baby age from 3 months to 6 years old. For babies, I learnt how to feed them, bath them and do activities with them. For toddlers age 1-6 years old. This age we can be their model. I have to control my behavior when I take care of them. They can eat normal food and play like big children. I learnt the same way to take care of baby, but the difference is they like to do something by themselves. I always helped and guided them.

27 years, Thailand

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