Letter to Host Family

Dear Family,
Hi I'm Lean and a first time Au Pair. I'm a ball of energy. Every morning I go running and sometimes whenever I have the time during weekends I go biking. I love music and so as dancing. I dance a lot. I'm a huge fan of Darth Vader. I'm a movie junkie, as much as I love watching movies nothing beats the nature. I like to go hiking or just take a walk and enjoy the nature.as for my family I have two older sisters and one older brother they have there own family already.It's just me and my mom. I have worked as a nanny and a caregiver to a girl and a old couple and I must say it'snot easy but with my patience and the will to help them I did survived and help them with outmost care As for the future, I would really like to find a permanent job somehow that involves helping kids on their everyday life. And be of a great help to parents as well. And have a volunteering work for older people and get things done for them. And maybe along the way enroll myself a course like caregiving so I can properly help everyone in the best possible way.I hope you can give me the chance to see and experience how amazing your family and country are. Looking forward to play and meet the kids we will play, laughed or draw and do many things that would be educational and necessary to them. I'm really looking forward to meet you all. And make many great memories with you that we will both cherish.

Love, Lean

27 years, Philippines

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