Letter to Host Family

Dear Host family,

Hi! I am Sheila Malou , 23 years old. I am from Philippines and currently staying here in the Philippines.
I finished my college degree taking up Bachelor of Hotel and Restaurant Service Technology in Bohol Island State University last 2016.
I came from a simple and ordinary family, we are a family of 6 consists of father, mother, 3 daughters and 1 son and I am the eldest amongst four siblings.
I am a motivated, flexible, easygoing, kind, caring, friendly, and trustworthy person. Someone that you can rely to.
My hobbies are watching movies,reading books and listening music especially when I have a stressful day when I just listen to music I feel relieved and relaxed.
In my free time I mostly do is watching movies, listening music, cooking some basic dish and eating:)
My favorite outdoor activities are biking and badminton.
I have interest on skiing and hiking since I haven't done it here in my home country specially the skiing because we don't have winter season(snow) here in my home country:)
My heart is so keen with kids, I love spending time with kids especially cuddling, playing, talking and taking care of them as my own. When my siblings are still toddlers I used to take good care of them especially when our parents are not around since I am the eldest.
And I am much interested to apply for the position of being an Aupair and be part of your wonderful and lovely family in the future.
And I much interested to experience new culture, learn different language, experience new environment and explore.
And I can do also light household tasks and can also do cooking and my favorite Filipino-Asian dish is "adobo" either chicken or pork adobo, it is one of the specialty dish of filipinos.
I can cook your family if I have given the chance:)
I will do my best to assist your family in any way I can to make your daily life basis comfortable.
I would love to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

23 years, Philippines

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