Letter to Host Family

Dear host family,
Im Stephanie Kayne or simply "kayne" for short. I have graduated college last 2017 taken Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. My Family consists of 4 members; My parents, Romeo Tan and Renalie Sazon while my one and only sibling Shane . We have 2 new family members who has joined our family two years ago. My parents decided to take care of these kids because their parents are unable to take care of them for they were both working abroad. This is a typical culture of Filipinos to help relatives such as to look after their kids. But of course parents are welcome to visit their kids anytime whenever they come home. Moreover about me I am open minded to everything and can easily adapt new environment. I understand and respect that people has differences most specially about culture, tradition, ways of living, language and beliefs. I can say that I am friendly, trustworthy, honest and dedicated to my work. I use my free time wisely by reading books and browsing the internet for cooking tutorials. This could help me to gain more knowledge about cooking techniques and learn different kind of dishes. Sometimes I spend my long weekends with my friends to go to different beaches and climb a mountain to relax and unwind. But my typical weekend is attending church mass and having simple dinner together with my family. Im also into sports way back college up to now and I played volleyball since then.
When I was in college my aunt helped me with my school financially. I stayed there for 2 years until I finished my studies. In return I help them to take care of their kids aged 5 and 7years old. I have so much learning from this experience which lead me to push my best luck on finding my future host family. This could help me widen my knowledge and experience and meet different types of people. I hope this brief introduction of myself enough to be qualify as your future aupair. Thank you for your time on reading my letter.-Kayne

3 years, Philippines

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