Letter to Host Family

Hi Host Family

My name is Mary Claire, 24 year's of age and currently living in Taguig City but my province is in Negros Occidental. I currently working in a corporate industry aswell a private tutor here in Manila. We are 5 in the Family which is my mom(who passed away last 2007), dad, brother & my twin sister. I am a graduate of Associate in Visual Graphic Design and wanted to pursue my dreams to become a chef that's why I took a short course in Culinary and graduated last 2015. I grew up with a lots of baby cousin's where I already practice my child care experience for them like teaching them about homeworks/lessons, playing sports with them., etc. Now that Im living here in Manila Independently I do my own household chores like doing my Laundries, folding/ironing my clothes, washing my own dishes, cooking my own meals, tidying my apartments, doing my own groceries & a lot more. Well since I've mention above that I am a private tutor my responsibilities for the 3 kids are taking them into playgrounds/park, teaching homeworks, sharing my filipino culture with them so that they will love the filipino manners & etc. I really wanted to become an au pair in europe because I want to learn their culture, language, I want to meet new friends also being in Europe is always my dream I love there historical places and I want to know more about the people and the heroes of there countries. I believe that I will be a great candidate in your family If I will be accepted I will have to do my VISA since I am already a Philippine Passport Holder. We need to train every child in the way they should be. see you future mom, dad and siblings.


24 years, Philippines

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