Letter to Host Family

Dear host family,

I'm a Finnish girl, looking for an adventure.

I am looking for a Norwegian speaking family, who needs help with kids and light chores. I have lots of experience in babysitting. (two references, details in CV)

I consider myself playful and active. I like being outside. I often walk in the forest. I use bike to transport. I took classes of parkour. I like sports, role-play and games. I have long experience with kids of all ages. I know what it means to be the responsible adult, but also how to be a fun friend.

Language and Adventure. My main focus will be learning to speak Norwegian. I hope to achieve a good/advanced level of Norwegian. And to do that, I wish to have someone to talk with, in everyday situations. I have this (possibly crazy) idea that I could work as a kindergarten teacher (when I’m in my 30s) in Norway. I do speak Swedish and have basic knowledge of Norwegian so I believe in my chances. I hope to attend some language lessons.

Why Norway? Short answer: Nature. Slightly longer answer: I want to see mountains and fjords. I want to hike and live the outdoor life I hear about Norwegians. I want to have better language skills with the Scandinavian languages. I want to know what it’s like to live in Scandinavia compared to Finland.

I have wanted to work as an au pair my whole adult life. I have been doing nanny work in my home country, trying to gather the courage to leave. I like being with kids and I have no doubt for my profession. I have always been interested about languages and different cultures.

Due to finishing my studies, I do not know exactly when I’ll be able to come, but I hope there is a way to negotiate about it. I wish to start between November and January. I will do chores in addition to caring for the kids. I’m used to doing my laundry, cooking and cleaning up. I feel I can do anything you need from me as an au pair.

Now I finally feel it’s time!

Looking forward to contacting you,

29 år, Finland

Reference ID:
Har førerkort
Has experience in childcare
Ønsket oppstart
October 2019