Letter to Host Family

Dear Future Host Family,

Hello family! I’m Katrina 21 years old, your future daughter from the Philippines. I’m so excited about writing this letter. I’m jolly, friendly, god fearing, honest and so lovely person. I just graduated last year, and I took Bachelor of Science in Information Technology course. At this age I have so many experiences when it comes to childcare, I have 8 months old sister and I also care for our neighbor's child.

I live with my parents and 5 siblings and I’m the second one. Their age is (24, 19, 14, 12 & 8mo). My Father is driver while my Mother is housewife. When it comes to childcare experience you can trust me and assured with their safety and security while you’re not at home. I would love to read books and teach them just like what I did to my sisters. I would love to dance and sing with them and play along. I promise that I will be a good “Big Sister” to you my future host family. Currently I have a little sister who is 8 months old and I have helped my parents to look after my brother and sister since birth.

When it talks about house chores don’t worry, because, since I was a kid my parents taught us to be more responsible in every task specially on the house chores duty. I'm willing to do your house chores in voluntary such as washing the dishes, ironing the clothes, change the blankets and anything that I can help for your family.

I can look after children 0 or older and proudly say that I'm good with the small children. Living with me is easy, I am not a demanding person. I do respect that the house is your house and that I must follow your house rules. I am the person who is full of respect so don’t worry my dear family. In my free time i want to watch movie, make friend to other Au-pair and also I want to try any outdoor activities.

And I think that living with your country for a short period of time is a big opportunity to improve myself and my sense of responsibility.


21 år, Philippines

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