Letter to Host Family

Dear family,

Thankyou for taking the time to read my letter.

I am Erriane from the Philippines,23 years old.I’am currently living with my father and my brother with his wife and 7 years old son.We have 4 dogs,chickens,pigs and goats.My mother is working in Israel as a caregiver,and my other brother lives with his wife 10 minutes drive away from us. I am a cheerful person who love to make fun, a caring person to my family and friends.

As of now I am currently self employed,I’m selling online.I didn’t finish my college education but I learned a lot from my experience,when I stopped my study I went to my Cousin’s place to take care of her two daughters a newborn and 6years old. I cook their breakfast,dress them, and take them to sleep,I also play with them.Taking care of Childs is not easy in the beggining,it takes a lot of patience and I have to be compassionate,untill I used to it and then started to loved and enjoyed my job.I worked for them for one year and I am living with my 7 years old nephew that I also taking care since he was born, so I can say that I can be a good child care to your childrens.

I do some housework I cook our meals,wash dishes,clean the house and I am also the one who does my father’s laundry.In my free time I love watching vlogs,planting,playing badminton,walking in the beach or biking in the field with my nephews and nieces,they are always saying to me that I am making them happy because I always taking them with me,It feels great to see childrens happy.

It’s my pleasure to be part of your family,I will be like a big sister to your kids,I take responsibilities for them and I will be calm and patience when the kids are not listening to me.Living with me is easy as I’m not demanding person,I will always follow your rules and respect you. I also want to learn your culture especially your language and experience to live in your place.

Thankyou for reading my letter and kind regards.
- Erriane -

23 år, Philippines

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