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Dear Host Family,

I am Jessa, 26 years old, single from the Philippines. My main reasons why i would like to be an Au Pair it's because i really love to travel especially European countries because of their castles, wonderful nature and would love to experience white Christmas, learn new language. Helping out your loving family I think this is the most important part of being an Au Pair. The fact that I am able to help families by heart even if I'm not related to them. I would love also to teach you my language, I think it would be really fun! I am a teacher here in PH for almost 3 years and i teach 6-7 years old kids. I can be a loving teacher and a big sister to your beautiful children and i'll make sure that they would feel safe when they are with me. I really love to work with children because I want to nurture them as a good person with a big heart. I love to be the role model to them and it’s something I want them to remember from me. I would really love to sing you some of our local songs and train your child in singing because this is really my passion. I don't have any hesitations in leaving my country and work as an Au Pair a thousand miles away from home because I know that I would have an understanding and loving host family that would welcome me as a part of their family. I am a fan of swimming and surfing and playing some sports like badminton and volleyball and I always travel alone here in my country. I would love to work in the farm with the animals or work in a vegetable and fruit garden.
I hope that you will choose me to be your Au Pair. I am looking forward to work with you and your loving children and have harmonious multicultural bonding. Thank you and God bless!

Love all the way from the Pearl of the Orient Sea,