Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Family,
Hi, I'm Chezza Mae . 27 years old, Filipina and is currently living here in Bagsværd, Denmark as an Aupair. I'm the one who maintains the cleanliness of there house. Do the grocery every tuesdays and thursday and cook dinner every tuesdays and thursdays also. And babysit sometimes whenever needed.I love outdoor activities. I am a nature lover so I like hiking, climbing mountains and biking. Anything that nature matters, I really love that :) And very open for any adventure. I like travelling. I enjoy being outdoors together with my family and friends, going for walk and going to places I've never been before. I'm open minded, accept mistakes, I'm trustworthy, I'm honest, open and loves to learn new things, I'm loving specially to children and I'm hardworking. I'm flexible and can catch up easily for special works and knows how to handle stress without affecting my work. I am determined, adventurous, compasionats individual. I never give up on dreams and goals in life with whatever comes my ways. I can cook menus for dinner and can do the household chores. I know how to drive and have a valid drivers lisence. I've been driving for 8years. I want to be your Aupair to experience other culture, meet other people and to be part of your community and most of all I want to be part of your family. I want to work with your child/children to give a hand in their upbringing and watch them grow and to help them accomplish their goal in a small period of time. To gain new skills to help for my future life, career and personality. And also I want to be your aupair to help my self to become more responsible in life since I no longer have to manage my own time and emotions, but someone else's day as well. Taking care of the kids is more challenging to me specially when they are not feeling well, tired, and hungry. But this would definitely help me become stronger, disciplined and more independent in life. And want to help my self to save for my schooling.

27 år, Philippines

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