Letter to Host Family

Dear Family,

Hello. I hope you are doing well. My name is France, I am a 26 year old filipino girl.

I am a friendly, happy, caring, hard-working person. I've had my fair share of years of experience with childcare. I have been a social worker for kids and families for years. I also worked as an assistant teacher for pre-school wherein I'd help the kids to write, read books to them, play with them. I'm currently a freelancer, I have an online job. Being the eldest among my 2 siblings, I used to take care of them when my parents were away for work, would cook food, help them with their homeworks when we were younger.

I speak fluently in Filipino and English and a bit of Japanese. I finished 2 years in college. I have always been curious about the culture, language and people of other countries.

I have a lot of hobbies, I have been painting and drawing since when I was a kid. I also have a camera that I use to take photos when I'm out with nature. I have a spotify app where I always listen my favorite songs. I also like watching youtube videos, my favorite would be this korean tv show "The Return of Superman". And above all, I love relaxing by the beach with my close friends.

I want to be an Au pair because I am fond of kids. I am a very independent person, I have lived alone before when I used to work in the city away from my family. If I am going to be your Au pair I would be doing chores, get some groceries, dish washing, doing laundry, cooking, read books to kids before they go to sleep and take care of them, and etc. I would also like to learn your language and historical places in Europe, that would be a dream come true.

I hope you would give me chance to take this once in a lifetime opportunity because one thing I can promise you is that I would not take anything for granted. I am looking forward to meeting you soon. :)

Kindly check my CV :)


Mary France

26 år, Philippines

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