Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Family
Are you looking for aupair? I would like to bring my dreams came true. With this letter I would like to bring closer to my life. I will try as best as possible to describe my life here, my wishes and dreams, my friends and family and of course my self.
My name is Sheryl , 25 years old, Information Technology in the philippines.
I am eldest among my siblings, my brother junex 20 ALS student, AJ 8 years old grade 3 and youngest is Catriona faith turning 4 months today. For giving you first impression of me I want to start telling you something about me and my personality.
I would describe me as a popular sanguine, story teller, friendly, optimistic, open minded and dreamer. In my free time I love sweating activities like jogging and biking. During weekends I love cleaning, cooking and after chores I love swimming with my friends.
To go abroad as an Au-Pair has been a wish of mine for several years now. Moreover, the years as an Au-Pair abroad also is some kind of a journey to find my self.
Now I would like to tell you something about my expriences with children.
Children is the precious gift from God. I loved kids, you know there smile's are purest.I have been taking good care to my sister four months old now. In the past few months I really appreciate how to treat them to give them milk and took sleepness nights to take good care for them. Aside of that I know how to treat the person living mild mental disorder or also known as special child or adult. Being an aupair it requires patience because not all kids are the same attitude so you need to engaged to them and encourage them to do well in everything that they do so that they encounter some trials they know what to do and they will prepare their self.
As far as preference concerned, I am looking for live in arragements 2 years that I would happy to stay with.
. I would also prefer looking after children 1year to 12.
Thank you very much! Pls email us

25 år, Philippines

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