Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Family,


Happy New year!

I am very humbled and very excited to part of a cultural exchanged experience to your family.

My name is Sheryl , 25 years old Information Technology in the philippines.
As the oldest of 4 siblings, I am very responsible,caring and loving towards young children. I am very organised and fun to be with. I believe being friendly, sincere and thoughtful as a person makes me an asset if a given the chance to be chosen an added member of your family.

For giving you first impression of me I want to start telling you something about me and my personality.
I would describe me as a popular sanguine, story teller, friendly, optimistic, open minded and dreamer. In my free time i love travelling, outdoor activities and cooking. Household chores (cleaning, laundry, ironing, etc) is a part of my growing up. I am well trained. :)
To go abroad as an Au-Pair has been a wish of mine for several years now. Moreover, the years as an Au-Pair abroad also is some kind of a journey to find my self. And experienced the different cultural exchanged, and to learn your langguage, to travel and leaned new things.
I would like to tell you something about my expriences with children.
Children is the precious gift from God. I love helping kids and giving is a priceless act of kindness that you can give. Being an aupair it requires patience because not all kids are the same attitude so you need to engaged to them and encourage them to do well in everything that they do so that they encounter some trials they know what to do and they will prepare their self.

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,

25 years, Philippines

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