Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Family,

I am Rina Jill P. , 27 years old. I would like to apply as an au pair in your family and my contract will end on May I speak Filipino language, I can speak and communicate in English and little bit Danish because my host family sent me on danish language coarse. I have been an aupair here in Denmark for over 1 year and it mold me to become better and responsible. I will be gratified helping you with house work, give assistance in child care and respect all the policies in your end. I am looking for a host family in Norway. I truly say that I am very responsible enough to do my duties and obligation as being an Au pair. As a person, I am responsible, hardworking, and honest and open minded. I am God fearing and a good citizen. I'll assure you that I am responsible, patient and flexible. My host family here in Denmark was glad because I help them to the kids and house chores. We love to travel together and doing fun stuffs with my host family especially with the kids. I am happy of my experience as an Au pair here in Denmark and the bond we had was very strong.

Here are my tasks at home
-Morning emptying dishwasher and preparing lunch boxes and tidy up and it included the days agreed in the schedule given like cleaning the house, cleaning bathrooms, washing clothes, take care of the kids and help cook dinner, sending karl to day care and picking him up in the afternoon and there are days that I also babysit axel (6month old). I am also task to watch and keep track on katharina because she has epilepsy and sometimes do activities together.

I will make sure to help and I think giving assistance, learning other culture will help and open a lot of opportunities and connect to other people. For further questions you can contact me at+or email or my host family for reference Sandra Larsen(host mom) +45 31 12 35 40

Thank you and God Bless,

27 år, Philippines

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