Letter to Host Family

Dear host family ,

Good day this is Mary Rose 21 years old from Philippines I took up bachelor of Industrial Technology major in Food and Service Management , I want to become an au pair because it's my dream to travel , to meet new people to learn there culture and to enhanced my communication skills and I really love to learn new languages , being an au pair its a big opportunity for me to travel , to explore. I always wanted it when I was a child always dreaming to travel all over the world

I am a dog lover a dancer , love to cook any kind of dishes , love to makes desserts , cakes and pastries and I want to teach kids what I know in baking to share them the knowledge I know in there young age .

I am multitasking , honest , responsible , energetic , dedicated and hardworking person , flexible , organized and also I am a fast learner , I can do some household chores also like cleaning , ironing clothes , washing and more .

My experienced in handling kids was in my niece and nephew when there mom was not at home me and my cousin help them to take good care of there child and also when I was 13-14 years old I decided to volunteer in one program here at our city to teach kids like reading , writing and more , children's was always wanted to play do some crazy things , funny faces and I'll do that to make them happy , I really love to teach kids I really love to take good care of them , I always wanted them to become happy I want them satisfy for what I did to them , I don't have yet a experienced being an au pair but I'm 100% willing to learn what au pair doing.

I hope that I'm the one you can trust with to be part of your family

God bless you and take care always

Best regards ,
Mary Rose

21 år, Philippines

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