Letter to Host Family

Hello Maam/Sir.
To my Future Host family, Hi this is Vina Mae M. a Filipina currently living in the Philippines.
I am looking forward of being part of your family and I am so excited on learning a new foreign culture. Its a big dream and opportunity to work in abroad .
I really hope you will give me a chance to be part of your wonderful & lovely family.
I will do my best not to disappoint you and you can trust me in everything. I am very open for many opportunities of work you will be offer..

I have experiences on childcare, babysitting &housekeeping. Since I am the eldest child in the family I am responsible taking care of my three younger brothers I also do householdchores like cleaning in all aspects of your home, washing clothes, ironing, dishwashing .Given a chance working on you I will assure that you can rely on me I have the capabilities that will help.

I would like to be an Aupair because this is my dream . I would love to see,learn,explore & discover other country.The worthy goals of learning new language & experiencing a foreign culture. I want to see the world and given the opportunity it will be cherish for a lifetime-a lifechanging experience that forever be grateful.

I love organizing things , I am independent woman , a multitasking and a hardworking that will help your home nice,clean & proper organized.Hope you will consider me. I am reliable and trusted.

To my future Host Family ,Please get in touch with me Feel free to message me if ever through my email address ( . I hope you would give me a chance this opportunity will be cherish for a lifetime a life changing experience that forever be grateful. Thank you so much.


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