Letter to Host Family

Dear future host family,
My name is Marielle Jane , 18 years old , currently live in the Philippines and I’m a young girl who is currently applying to become an Au Pair.This year I graduated Senior Highschool with the course of Accountancy, Business Management. In the future I want to build further on this education of mine. I came from the broken family, when I was 3 years old my mom and dad decided to separated to each other and because of this my youngest sister live with my father side while me is with my mom, actually at my young age I can't understand why that things happened but my mom explained to me what's the reason and encourage me that we can live without my father and despite of what happened, we have been very happy and they also have a new family. As of now I'm currently live in my mom with my stepfather and my 10 years old sibling , I'm also taking care of my 2 years old nephew since birth until now. I wouldn’t mind staying with a host family that have children, because I really like children. I love taking care of them, because they are so cute, innocent, funny, lovable and very adorable.
I love doing some activities for example: cooking(but I'm not really good at), reading books and sports. I do also love to sing, but my voice may not the be best, but it makes me happy, so I don’t care about my voice. Other interests are traveling and sightseeing beautiful places in the world. If should find myself with some spare time, I would likely spend it with the children teaching them activities and having fun with them. I am really passionate about taking care of children and to do house hold chores, because it can help me grow and to be prepared to be a good future wife someday. At the age of only 6 years old, my dear grandma and my mother trained me to do house hold chores. I see myself a very disciplined person thanks to them. if I could get the opportunity to live with your family i will be doing the best i can.


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