Letter to Host Family

Good Day,
I know this letter seems familiar already, but please try to read this one.
I am Jesterramy , 24 years old from Philippines. I am the eldest among 4 children. As an eldest, for me it is my responsibility to take good care of my siblings and help my mother in household. As I grow I know that I have the responsibility to take care of them and help them.

I decided to become an aupair not only because I want to go to Europe, to travel, and see beautiful places but also I want to know/ experience their culture, traditions, and help my host family in taking care of the children and make their life more easier with me. As an eldest and through my experiences I know I has the capacity to become an aupair.

I am not only a girl who just know about accounting but also I am the girl who loves children and adventure, I've been taking care of children since i am an eldest, i also take care of my cousin and apply as a part time nanny to 2 kids after work. Way back in college I join Red Cross Youth, where it’s main agenda is all about first aid, how to give first aid, help to improve one self and help other people. I also join ROTC and undergo military training in order to become an officer, we tackle about leadership, improving one self, disciplined, initiative, first aid, and many more. During summer, I also volunteer in a youth group in the church where we used to teach children ages 4-12 years old about the word of God. Through my experience I develop my patience, understanding, and love for children. For me, taking care of them is my happy pill.

I know I has the capacity to become your aupair, with the experience I have, I know I can take good care of your children. I am responsible, mature, flexible and adaptable individual. You can count on me on anything. I can also teach you our culture if it is ok with you, and will consider you as my 2nd family.
Hoping we can know each other soon. Thank you


24 år, Philippines

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