Letter to Host Family

Dear Family,

My warmest greeting to you and your family! I hope you are doing well out there today.
My name is Leslie , but you can call me Les. I’m Filipino currently residing in Cebu,Philippines. I’m 23years of age.I have a plenty of experience with children. I have 4 siblings and as the 2nd child in our family, my mother gave me the tasks to take good care of my little sisters and brother. I love to interact with children which my family played a big role on that. That is the reason why I took up Bachelor and Secondary Education in the University of Cebu. I was still on my 2nd year and put it on pause because I wanted to have a job experience first on my field and hopefully continue my education on the right time when I feel it’s right. I love food, reading books, travel, learn new cultures and languages.
I was pleased to learn that you are in need a person who loves to take care of children and trustworthy enough to look after them when it is needed and I’m confident I could be that. I was a Customer Service/ Technical Service Representative to one of the leading companies in our Country for almost three years. Being a Customer Service Representative greatly helped me with my social skills on dealing with person with a different situation/concern. With my experience and skills, combined with my strong initiative and calm head under pressure, I am convinced I would be an excellent nanny/baby sitter/ teacher to your child/children.

I would be wonderful to see if I can meet the qualifications you want for an Au Pair. You may contact me anytime on my email leslie. Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to meet you and your wonderful family

23 years, Philippines

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February 2020