Letter to Host Family

Hello! My name is Dessa. I am a 27-year old Filipino residing in The Philippines. I would be thrilled to be an au pair and be of help to your family while learning and experiencing life there. I studied in the University of the Philippines Integrated School from kindergarten to high school and have taken up some years in college.

I have several hobbies I do whenever I get a spare time. One of which is sketching printed out cartoon illustrations. Taking pictures is also something I like doing, especially capturing candid moments using my smartphone; however, I would want to try using analogue camera when I get one. I love singing as well. Me and my best friend would go to a karaoke or an arcade to sing are hearts out and sometimes play games. When it comes to physical activities, swimming is what I love doing the most. My friends and I would occasionally go to the river and beach to hang out and have fun.

My interests are chiefly about art. I am fond of architecture and interior design. I would frequently browse the internet and watch videos on YouTube about houses and designs as well as people’s lifestyle. Also, I have always been fascinated to people who can speak multiple languages. I would love to learn a new language if given the chance.

After being an au pair, I know that I will be able to gain new skills that would help me on my future endeavors and perhaps open up more opportunities within this field.

27 years, Philippines

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