Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Family;
Hello?My name is Judy Ann or you can call me Ann for short. I'm 22 years old from the Philippines. I am a motivated person, can easily adopt, flexible and most of all sweet person. I am a type of person that can be trusted specially with kids.
I have a good skills in life specially Singing .I like to have fun activities with kids so they wont feel bored whenever we will be together.
I want to apply as an aupair because i have a great passion to take care of kids since i have a 2 brothers and and i am the eldest sister sometimes I take care of them and make sure they are safe in my hand when my parents are not home.After I graduated in High School I already work as a Baby Sitter in an infant and a 1 year old boy for almost a year. And also I have experience in taking care of a Person with a disability for two years.Monday to Thursday I send her to her special school then in Sunday we go to church. I cook her meal everyday.Her mother is a single mom and also a businesswoman. Her mother is always at work and she doesn't have a siblings that's why the two of us are only at home.I do some household chores and sometimes I tutor her to her school lessons in the evening.So this task for me is really challenging but i was able to manage it with all my heart, I put my time and effort with this job i have because this is my dream to help kids and it makes me happy.
If you choose me to be an aupair of your family i will give my best shots and I guarantee you everything will be under control at home and kids are safe all the time in my hand.
And also it's a great opportunity to experience your culture.To see how beautiful your country is.Because I love traveling too.
Thank you so much for reading my letter. I hope you like my profile. Hoping for your positive feedbacks.

Respectfully Yours,
Judy Ann

22 år, Philippines

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