Letter to Host Family

Dear Future Host Family,

Good day! My name is Erica , I am from Quezon City, located in Manila the capital of the Philippines. I am 23 years old, turning 24 this coming November. I have a bachelors degree in Tourism Management and I've worked as a part time nanny to support my studies. On my fourth year, I joined the call center industry which made me proficient with the English Language.

We are 6 in the family and I am the eldest amongst my siblings. At a young age, my mom depended on me to help her with the household and take care of my brothers and sister. I was able to see them grow up and nurture them until present day. They are all very lively and energetic! I want to believe that they got it from me as I spent a lot of time with them. They also grew up to be kind and polite which I am proud of.

I choose to be an Aupair because cultural exchange have always broaden my view of the world. As I previously worked in the call center industry, I spoke with different nationalities (Australians, Europeans, Americans, Asians, Middle Easterns etc.) After resolving their queries, they often talked about how beautiful their countries are. This is what made me want to see and experience it for myself. Not only I will learn from you and your country, I would also like to share my own!

I know that choosing a person to live with you and look after your household and kids is a very important decision. I am confident that you will feel lighthearted and at ease around me. If I will become your Aupair, I will treat you and your kids as my second family. I am passionate, enthusiastic and happy person by nature. So you can trust that I am going to be a good influence to your kids. I was an athlete and a good dancer too! I would love to share and teach my talents to your family.

I am very excited to meet you and show you how I will be a good addition to your lovely family. I hope to hear from you soon!




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