Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Family,
My name is Marissa,single,no kids. I would love to say that I am flexible,honest,mature,energetic,patient, responsible,hardworking and self-directed.I am comfortable with young children. I love cooking, gardening. crafts and arts and I want things to be organized. My goal includes work to save money.After fulfilling my au pair contract, I'll get back home to my country and put up my own studio.
Currently, I worked as a nanny and house maid.Generally, looking after two kids Laine 11 years old and Phileo 10 months old. My common duty take part in household chores and childcare. Cleaning the house, washing clothes,dishes and utensils, hanging, ironing and folding clothes, vacuuming and washing floors. Cooking meals for the family, tidy up after meal. Prepare lunch boxes, get the kid ready for school. Teaching English and science, help with homework, take them to park, do puzzles and play dough,read them books or play outside on the playground and have cheerful moments and meaningful activities together. Give them snacks, bathe them as needed. Nappy changes,toilet training, feeding them and put their toys away, keeping the areas of the house safe for them. Give the dogs some walks and taking care of them as well.My expectation from my Host Family is to at least provide for my basic and daily needs like food and shelter and treats me with respect and equality. I have a deep love to learning other foreign languages specially the one that my Host Family speaks.
In exchange to my Host Family's kindness and hospitality, I guarantee them to rely on me in taking part to home chores, taking over childcare and other task I am tasked to do so. I would be very honest to tell/discuss to them matters that I have a little knowledge about and future interests that may arise. lastly, rest assured to treat my Host Family as my own, with love, respect and equality. Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon.

Respectfully yours,
Marissa C.

27 år, Philippines

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