Letter to Host Family

Dear Family,

I cannot wait for the time to meet you and be part of your family. I am already excited to the memories that we will create and share.

First of all, people call me Nikki. That is my nickname given by my loving parents. We are a family of 5 and I am currently living with my parents and 2 siblings. Due to this, we have our own responsibilities in our household. I am responsible in cleaning the house washing and organizing the clean dishes. I do play, feed and wash our dog. I also have an experience in washing, folding, ironing the clothes and cooking food since I experienced living away from our home.

I worked as a babysitter when I was college to a 2 year old boy for 7 months. I also took care of younger sister and relatives. I play with them, feed, wash and put them into sleep; their age ranges from 4 to 16 years old. I also assist them in doing their home works and guide them in their school project.

I would describe myself as someone who is responsible to the given tasks, has a good sense of humor, positive and enthusiastic.

If I will become your au pair, I am willing to do the following tasks to help you in your everyday life.
•Prepare food and help them get dress for school
•Accompany and pick up them in school
•Assist them in their home works and school projects
•Accompany them in their school activities and other activities
•Play with children
•Put them into sleep
•Keep the children’s room clean
•Wash and organize dishes
•Feed, wash and walk dog

I will use the best of my ability to do the given task/s by you. I will respect and follow the house rules of your family and respect your own family time. I am open to look after the children at night in case the parents will be coming home late due to uncontrolled circumstances. I am also very interested in understanding your culture and language.

I hope with my profile I am able to gain your trust to be a member of your family and be the big sister to your children.



22 years, Philippines

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