Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Parents,

I love kids and I enjoy doing house chores. I love animals especially dogs, cats and birds. When I have free time, I usually cook food like caldereta, sisig, menudo, pancit, sopas and make desserts like fruit salad, macaroni salad and graham cake.

I have strong experience with childcare and housekeeping because before I have experienced taking care of my youngest brother while my mother is working and since I was a little child, my mother taught me on how to do house duties, so I am also helping her in the house.

I was hired as a full time maid and nanny on May 1, 2019 until now. I am the main responsible for carrying out the daily household chores, taking care of two kids (Akisha-8 years old and James-7 years old) and care for two dogs (Ikay and Tala) and two puppies (Bugoy and Butcho). The example of the tasks that I am doing in the house are general cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, buying food in the market, cook food for the whole day, put placemat, plate, spoon and fork and glass in the table, serve rice and meals, washing the dishes, clean the garbage, washing clothes, ironing and watering the plants in the garden. The example of my tasks that I am doing in the kids are prepare their meals and let them eat, pack their lunch boxes, ready their school uniforms and bags, assist them in taking a bath, brush their hair, put powder and cologne to them, bring them to elementary school and go back to school after their school hours to fetch them, help them in answering their homework, reviewing when there is an exam and join them in going to the playground to play with them.

I become interested to be an aupair because I want to experience cultural exchange. I want to gain new experience by working abroad and stay in a host family with different nationality and take care of foreign kids.

Respectfully Yours,


21 years, Philippines

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