Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Family,

Hello have a great day!

I’m going to introduce myself hoping that after reading it you will give me a chance to work in your loving family.

My name is Shiela Mae , I am 24 years of age currently residing here in Philippines. I am writing this letter hoping that I will be able to find a family because I really want to work as an AU pair.

I want to be an Aupair because it is big opportunity to develop myself by learning and making challenging life experiences. It is allow me to learn the language and immerse myself in the culture and tradition. It will provide me opportunities to meet new people, experience their lifestyle, see new places, enjoy the food and hopefully meet many new friends.

I was able to handle kids or let me say children with different ages from 8 months and above. I did all the things that I should do for the children like changing diapers, feeding them food, letting them sleep, shower and many more. Taking care of children is not new to me because I have my nieces and nephew growing up with the help of my care. I also love dogs and cats. In regards of household chores you can count on me, for I am highly organized and efficient.

I would describe myself as a caring person who tries to make the best out of every situation. I am responsible person and very dedicated in my task. Can do mutitasking and can work under pressure and function well in the process. Good work ethics and have a positive attitude in overcoming failure.

I hope we can develop a good realtionship, working and living togther as a family. I am looking forward to be you Aupair and also a member of your family

Thank you for reading and hope you will consider my profile.



24 years, Philippines

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