Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Family,

Good day! I am Irene, 25 years old from Philippines. I am the youngest among the siblings. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. I am a graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education. As an educator, I am creative and fun. I have handled kids aged from 4-12 years old during my practicum. Taking care of the kids is not new to me since my brothers and sisters have kids who randomly visit the home. I have been helping my mother in taking care one of my nieces since the day she was born until now because her mother (single parent) is working abroad. I am in charge in helping her regarding with school works and sometimes attend to school activities.

I would love to be part of your family as your au pair. I can help you with the household chores like cleaning the house, laundry, ironing, cooking (love to experiment dishes) and taking care of your little ones. I can be their teacher, playmate, sister or anything they want me to be as long as it makes them happy. It's an opportunity if given the chance to be your au pair for I will be able to learn your culture and language and I am very much willing to share mine too.

I came from a big yet supportive and loving family. Cooking, eating and swimming are our family bondings especially on holidays since my siblings are coming home with their kids. House is full of laughs and fun. I play music a lot, I can sing but not a good singer and I can dance as well. I play sports like volleyball and badminton. I always dreamed of travelling and go on adventures like hiking.

It's my first time to be your au pair so I am really excited to meet you, talked a lot of things and be part of your family even if it's just temporary. I am looking forward to collect great and fun memories with you. I assure you my honesty, loyalty and sincerity in everything that I do and say but above all, I will take good care and love you and your family as my own. I hope to hear from you soon . Thank you and God bless.

Best regards,

25 år, Philippines

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