Letter to Host Family

To my Host Family,

Being your Aupair you can expect me to love my work. You can leave your daughter or son to me without any problem. I will do my work passionately and professionally. Since you are my host family I am willing to share with you the short story of my life.
I am the youngest of the family, jolly, faithful and well-disciplined; I lived apart with my sister for 8years I did household chores at a very young age like cooking, cleaning the house, doing laundries and anything. I grew up in a simple, happy and lovable family and my parents always disciplined us to be responsible people. Sometimes I took care of my baby cousin, niece, and nephew; I really love taking care of the babies. When I have time I visited my aunties to play with my baby cousin and feed them also taking care of my niece and nephew. Even though I don't have a childcare certificate but I have a lot of experience in taking care of them. Because I love children I took the Bachelor of Elementary Education-General Education “Teacher” course to teach them and to listen to what they want to share to me like their happy memories I like to hear their stories if they want to share it with me. Having a lot of patient in children is one of my strengths. I felt happy whenever I see the children happy and when I saw them sad I will make a way for them to be happy. I want to be an Au pair so that I can help you as my host parents to taking care of your children and to pursue my dream to travel in the different countries learn your cultures and share a Philippine culture with you. Also, to save money for my parents.
I am looking forward to seeing you and bonding with you as my family.

Sincerely yours,

27 years, Philippines

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