Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Family,
My name is Clarisa from Philippines I am 23 years old. I’m currently living in Vietnam, where I am been teaching English kids about 7 months. I came from oriented family. Back then, when my brother got married and have child I was also the one in-charge of taking care of my only one niece(her name is Samantha) since she was born, until she meet the age 1 year and a half I was the one who look for her. Give her needs like feeding her, changing her pads, clothes, take her a bath and almost everything. Since my Sis-in-law have to work in other town which is 30min drive from where we live so she decided to give her trust to me for taking care of her. To be honest with you, at first it was really tough and difficult for me to look for a young ones especially for a new born baby but then I realized, time by time it was really fulfilling how you can see the child growing with you and it feels like achievement for me. Plus also I’ve been teaching some kids in our school where I’m currently working so I’ve been used to it.
For housekeeping and cleaning I can say I’m responsible for this type of chores. Since when I was young I’m already responsible for cleaning and doing all the chores that my mom have been told me. Since I’m just the only girl in our family so I started to learn how to do the household chores like cleaning inside and outside of our house, do wash the dishes, clean all the kitchen area, bathroom, and all the room of the house.
I was the one in-charge of cooking since my mom is growing old now. I really love cooking and willing to learn how to cook in your own way because I know we have differences in our own dish.
I can’t assure you for a perfect performance but assurance that I’ll treat your family how you treat them well and if you choose me as your au pair I will make sure to love your family as you do.
And I’m always ready to proceed for visa if you choose me as your Au Pair.
God bless you and your family!!!
Kind regards,

23 years, Philippines

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