Letter to Host Family

Dear Family,

Hello, How are you? How are you doing today? Are you fine? I hope you are doing all fine today. I hope you accept me as your Au pair. I'm writing this to you because I hope you give me the chance to be with your family. I easily adjust with personalities because I always think others feel before myself. My future plans are to have higher education and provide all the needs for my family while staying and working with your family. I'm excited to be with your family. My hobbies are read currents and events, watching movies, cooking for my family but usually my mother cook for us. Because she is the best chef and the world. :) and I love roaming around our city while driving my motorcycle. I love dogs, I love to play with the dogs. I have a dog named luis. She is so playful. My personal interest is to have higher education for my personal growth and my future plans are to have a diploma and apply for a good job soon for God's grace. I do all this for my family. I can't wait to be with you soon and be a member of your family. I'm COMING FAMILY :) Have a nice day!

27 years, Philippines

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