Letter to Host Family

Dear Family,

If I will be going to described myself in one word, I will definitely use the word "Goal/Family Orriented" because I'm the eldest among my siblings, I've got two(2) brothers and one(1) sister and in order for me to help my parents and family I've decided to be a working student to sustain my studies, while I'am also the one to act as a second mother to my three siblings. I would say that taking care and teaching childrens are my specialty, I came from a big family from the Philippines, in which we have a close family ties which means we're living next to each other in one compound, I'm also the second eldest among my cousins for that, my skills are well-developed to interact with young childrens. During every summer, I'd been also a part of this Non-profit organizations which teaches out-of-school youths.

My hobbies and interests are more of the Arts and Crafts such as; painting, drawings and do-it-yourself projects. I've also won different contests before and participated on different non-profit organizations in relations with that. Other fun facts about my hobbies is that I'm also a member of a choir and different youth oraganizations during my college years. On my leisure time, I would like to spend time with family specialy with the children and friends as well.

As I've also mentioned, I'd got a chance to be a working student and I've had worked in a customer service industry that opens a lot of opputunities for me to enhanced my communication skills and being compassionate with others. Over all, I can say that, I got still a lot of new things to learn and what is important is to be open for changes and lernings is a continues process and also I believe that being an Au Pair is a great inniative to do it.

Much love,


28 years, Philippines

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July 2020