Letter to Host Family

Dear Family,

Hi, I'm Jessa from Philippines. I am an English licensed teacher here and has this passion to search and love people especially kids to the point as treating them as my own family like little sister/brother.I have had varies experiences with dealing in kids also with special need kids and understand what they need.My role is not only to attend them but to treat them special each day. As a teacher, it is very innate for me to love kids such helping them with their home works and reading them stories. I'll teach them to pray and to value their parents. In fact, also became a volunteer teacher with a non government agency here in the Philippines and we used to take care and attend kids which are under nourished and monitor for their development wherein I was awarded as the Best Volunteer. I am an honest person. I am well-organized, clean and always willing to help. I know how to cook.I'm happy to see my host family happy during their meal time with my well prepared meal. I can help with taking care of pets if you have.I have certificate with dealing in emergencies or I am a first Aider. I have four nephews which I personally took care of.I will be very grateful to be part of your family; witnessing moments to share with you. I am very open to share my culture, what I know and my full commitment. I will be honest to you and transparent in all times. I'll prove you enough that I am worth you chose me. I'm praying for you that you are all right this moment though I haven't met you guys yet. I will be taking good pictures for you whenever you love to accompany me with your family trip. I will share my life stories and I'm excited to hear from you too. I will cherish each day that I will be with you. I'll support you and the whole family in all things that I can be and I promise to never give you hard times. I'm excited too give you services! I hope you too with me :) haha.Please feel free to contact me and ask me further questions. God Bless!

24 years, Philippines

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