Formalities after arrival

After your au pair permit is issued and you have arrived to your host family (within seven days after arrival), you have to contact the local police station where the host family lives in order to make your residence permit valid.

In most police districts you must book an appointment in advance.

At the police office you will have your photograph and fingerprints taken, and then the police will order a residence card for you. It will take up to 10 working days from the date you visited the police until the card is sent to you by post.

Immediately after visiting the police you must visit the "Folkeregister/Tax-office" in order to be included in the Norwegian social security system, to receive a Norwegian id-number and to receive your income tax card.

Everyone working in Norway must have a tax card. In order to calculate the correct amount of tax to deduct, the tax authorities must be informed about how much the employee expects to earn in Norway and for how long he/she intends to stay here.

When you will get a tax card, you have to give it to your host family and your host family should deduct tax from you pocket money and pay it to the tax-authorities.

Au pair is responsible to check that the taxes are paid, while it is the host family’s duty as employers to actually pay the taxes every month when paying the pocket money to the au pair.

Everyone coming to Norway from countries with a high incidence of tuberculosis must agree to be tested for tuberculosis. The police should inform you of your obligation to be tested and will provide information about where this can be done.

The test will include tuberculin tests and chest radiography. The mandatory tuberculosis test is free of charge.

The au pairs, placed by Energy Au Pair, will receive an "Energy Au Pair Book", where the detailed instructions and advices regarding the formalities in Norway.