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Au pair meeting at the library (Deichmanske bibliotek)

 Date: 20.01.11

For all au pairs wanting to meet other au pairs

Deichmanske bibliotek (Oslo Public Library), Røa branch wants to create an opportunity for au pairs in this area to get in contact with each other and spend some time together at the library (with all its facilities), exchange addresses and maybe afterwards meet outside the library and create a lasting friendship.


All au pairs are welcome – with or without children – to take part in the au pair meeting at the library

Wednesday the 15th of February at 11.30 AM.

There will be served coffee, tea and cookies and given you a small tour of the library. Deichmanske bibliotek can also offer you language courses in Norwegian and books in other languages.  Please note that there is only one meeting every half a year.

For more information: Have a talk with the library, call at 23 43 27 90 or send an e-mail at