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Emergency measures due to Corona outbreaking situation (updated 15.09.2020)


Mar 17, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus outbreaking situation and emergency measures in Norway, we would like to inform you about possible delays in the process as:
Processing of Au pair visa applications at UDI:
  1. * (30.09.2020) Applicants living outside the EU / EEA and Switzerland cannot travel to Norway yet due to the corona situation. Applications from the au pairs residing outside Europe are in principle not processed now ( A few applications have been processed by the UDI, but even if the applications have been approved, the au pairs still cannot come to Norway until the authorities open the border for entry from non-EU / EEA countries.


    See more information here:


    The UDI prioritises applications for au pairs living in the EU / EEA, and the waiting time for these applications is currently short (1-3 months).

  2. According to the latest information from UDI, the processing of the au pair visa applications will start today, on the 22nd of May. Since March 20, UDI has not granted au pair permits for applicants located outside Norway. The processing time has, therefore, increased dramatically (for some applicants the waiting time has been more than 6 months). From now on, the UDI will again start processing the applications, and we expect the waiting time to go down. The visa cases of the au pair candidates who applied in Europe will be reviewed first, so that they can come to Norway without having to return to their home country. The visa applications of the au pair applicants who submitted their papers outside Europe will be handled afterwards.

    It is understandable that it may be difficult to plan the trip to Norway during the times of Covid-19 world pandemic. Therefore, UDI informed us that they will grant permits with the opportunity to enter Norway within the next 12 months from the date the visa was granted. This will make it possible for au pairs and host families to have enough time to properly plan their trip to Norway.

  3. (20.03.2020 - information has been updated) The UDI does not grant residence permits to the applicants who are outside Norway waiting for the visa to be approved. For the time being, the UDI does not inform when they are going to process and grant residence permits to the applicants who are outside Norway.
  4. (*21.04.2020) Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the visa application processing time for Au pair cases has gone up from 4 months to 6 months from the day the au pair hands in the documents to the police, an Embassy, consulate or a Visa application centre abroad. The waiting time may change. The changes will apply even to those applications which were submitted earlier. The information on the UDI website is updated once a month. The next update from UDI can be expected approximately on the 19th of May.

Information about the entry to Norway:

  1. (*15.07.2020) Au pairs who live in EU/ EØS area are allowed to travel to Norway.
  2. (*24.04.2020) The UDI started granting the residence permits. However, due to the fact that the border of Norway is still closed, the applicants whose visa applications were processed after April 20, 2020, cannot enter Norway anyway. (see the link This means:
  • If the au pair is in Denmark and his/her Danish residence permit is valid, he/she shoud be able to travel from Denmark to Norway after June 15, 2020. Further information on this will be provided by the government on the 15th of June, 2020.
  • If the au pair is located in Denmark and his/her residence permit has already expired, he/she will have to contact the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Copenhagen to get a stamp on entry visa in the passport to be able to leave for Norway. 
  • If the au pair is located in the other European countries except for Denmark, he/she will have to wait until the borders of those countries are open (section 2b of the Regulation relating to rejection of entery of foreign nationals out of concern for public health and the contagious disease Covid-19). If the residence permit of the applicant in the European country (except for Denmark) expired, the au pair will have to get a stamp on the entry visa at the Norwegian Embassy located in the country where the au pair applied for the Norwegian residence permit.
  • If the au pair is located outside Europe and her permit is issued after the 22nd of April she will not be able to enter Norway until entry from abroad is allowed.

        (20.03.2020 - information has been updated!) Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, the UDI or police can expel foreigners without the residence permit in Norway: If you have been granted a residence permit (incl. Au pair permit) and have therefore been granted an entry visa, you will be able to enter Norway. You can find more information about quarantine and isolation at

Regarding the Norwegian Embassies and visa application centres:

  1. (*30.03.2020) The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Denmark opened on March 30, 2020, with reduced staffing, and started accepting the au pair visa applications.

         (20.03.2020 - information has been updated) Most of the Embassies (including the Norwegian Embassies in Denmark and in the Netherlands) and the VFS application centres do not accept the visa applications since March 17, 2020. More information can be found on the websites of the Embassies:  

Regarding the work of the police:

  1. (20.05.2020) The Oslo police district presented the applicants with the opportunity to submit electronically their applications for the family exchange instead of meeting with the police, follow the link Feel free to contact us if you want your au pair to submit the application to the Oslo police electronically - we help our au pairs with it.
  2. *(20.04.2020) The police are gradually opening their public services. You can meet with the police for selected services in regards to residence and immigration cases. Most of the police districts require the appointment to be booked through the UDI portal which the au pair used for registering the application. In some police districts, it is still impossible to book an appointment

         *(08.04.2020 - information has been updated) Due to the situation with the Coronavirus, the police remain closed till April 17, 2020.

          (20.03.2020 - information has been updated) Due to the risk of being infected with the COVID-19, the police remain closed till March 26, 2020. Unfortunately, the applicants cannot submit their applications until the date stated above. Follow the police website for up-to-date information 

Verification of the documents at the Philippines Embassy in Oslo:

*(09.04.2020) The Embassy opens from April 20, 2020. Follow the link for more information

(16.03.2020 - information has been updated) The Philippines Embassy in Oslo is closed from March 16, 2020 till March 26, 2020 to stop the spread of COVID-19. The Embassy will only accept visitors in case of the emergency upon the agreement with the Embassy:

Regarding departure from the Philippines:

*(01.06.2020) The quarantine in the Philippines is over and both the Visa centres and the "CFO" have opened from June 1, 2020.

*(15.05.2020 - information has been updated) The quarantine in the Philippines has been extended to May 31, 2020 (see the link

*(08.04.2020 - information has been updated) The Philippines authorities have extended the quarantine to April 30, 2020.

*(20.03.2020 - information has been updated) Au pairs will not be able to leave the Philippines until April 14, 2020 despite those applicants who have been granted CFO exit and the entry visa (see the link

Regarding departure from Norway:

*(15.09.2020) Au pairs who could not return home before their permit expired due to the corona situation must now return home. From September, 15 stays after the departure deadline may result in rejection of entry or expulsion. 

(20.03.2020) - information has been updated) If the au pair's residence permit has already expired and he/ she did not leave Norway, it will have no consequences for the au pair due to the current situation (see the link

There is no need to notify the UDI or police about that. You need to try to book the trip for the au pair as soon as possible after the expiry of the residence permit.