The right au pair for the right Family

Data protection policy for Host Families

The purpose of personal data processing on this website is to help host families find the best suitable au pair candidates. The more information about the host family and their needs we have, the better chance can be expected to find the best fit for our customers.

Therefore, we ask you to complete your family profile on our website.
As you wish to see the au pair candidate's profile in order to evaluate whether you are interested in the candidate or not, the au pairs also want to see information about the host family. Based on our analysis, we came to the conclusion that the profiles which are not completed are often rejected by experienced au pair candidates. It is also important that the family profile, which is sent to the au pair, contains a picture of the host family.

You have our assistance throughout the whole au pair's stay, if necessary. It is therefore important that we have access to information about you and about the au pair whom you host. We also keep a record of ongoing follow-up that is relevant to the collaboration (including your wishes in relation to au pair, some issues, warnings, positive and negative feedback).

As long as you have a customer relationship with us, and you are registered in our system, or have an au pair mediated by Energy Au Pair, you agree that we will share with you the information relevant to the au pair program. For instance, we can inform you about changes in the regulations or send you information concerning your au pair.

Processing of personal data

Your personal information is safe with us. The data is processed in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Act.

By consenting to the processing of personal data, you agree that Energy Au Pair may store information about your family and send you information about au pair candidates and the au pair scheme in general. 

We do not publish information about the host families on our websites. The host family’s profile is only showed to au pair-candidates that we consider relevant to the family, or to agents whom the au pairs have chosen to represent them. Au pair candidates or agents do not get your last name, address, phone number, E-mail address, Skype address or other contact details before you decide to enter into an agreement with the au pair.

We can use your information to order the compulsory insurance, to arrange a Norwegian course for the au pair or other things you agree to which concerns the au pair staying with you.

No data is disclosed to third parties. Both our office in Norway and our office in Ukraine have access to the information about the host families and the au pairs. Our staff is committed to the proper processing of personal data.

How long do we keep your information?

The information you provide us with when you create a profile is stored in our system until you want it to be deleted, but no sooner than the au pair, whom we have placed to your family, leaves you, the invoices from Energy Au Pair are paid and all financial balances in relation to the au pair are settled.

As long as you decide to delete your family profile you will need to fill out another one if you want to look for a new au pair for your family afterward.

In order to be able to keep a record of your participation in Au pair program (au pairs and host families are entitled to it), your name, customer number, username in our system, participation period as well as the au pair's customer number and name are stored as long as Energy Au Pair operates. Within 5 years without active customer relationship, all your personal information and contact information will be deleted. When the au pair has completed her/his stay and you no longer have an au pair (provided by Energy Au Pair), you can send us a written inquiry at any time to request your personal data to be removed.

According to the Accounting Act, we are obliged to store some of the information for 5 years. We will, therefore, start keeping the payment history and information on financial matters for 5 years within 1 year after the agreement was made.

In order to protect the au pair candidates' personal data, we retain information about serious breaches of the contract, complaints from au pairs or host families for 10 years. This information might be used in any future juridical or court disputes.

What are your rights?

Energy Au Pair complies with the requirements for information security in the Personal Data Regulations and the Privacy Policy. In accordance with applicable privacy laws, you have the following rights:

  • You have the right to receive information about:
    • what kind of your personal information we have registered;
    • what is the purpose of its use and who gets the information about you.
  • If you see that Energy Au Pair has registered incorrect, outdated or incomplete information about you, you may have it edited or updated.

You have the right to have your data deleted. In certain circumstances, you have the right to have your family information removed as soon as your au pair, whom we have placed to you, has moved from you and the financial accounts concerning the au pair have been clarified.

Please let us know if your account should be deleted from our web site.

Communication consent

In order for us to be able to perform our services, we must have the possibility to contact you by e-mail and telephone.

Service provider

Operation manager: Natalia Ravn-Christensen
Contact information: or telephone 21 65 69 99


The purpose of sending the newsletter is to provide information about news and services from our company. Your consent is required for the subscription to the newsletter.

Contact information for newsletters is not shared with other businesses and is deleted when Energy Au Pair is informed that you no longer want to receive information from us.


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We use cookies, among other things, to store your settings with us so you, for example, do not have to repeat certain steps each time you visit our web pages and to customize and create information as relevant to you as possible. Cookies can be used, among other things, to record statistics on the use of the webpages.

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