The right au pair for the right Family

Terms and Conditions

  1. "No cure no pay". If you do not find and hire a candidate shown in the database of "Energy Aupair", you will not have to pay for the search. This clause will be terminated, if other agreement has been made, for ex. doing the paperwork towards the public authorities.
  2. Payment terms are 14 days from the date invoice. The invoice will be issued at the time as the contract/agreement between the host family and the au pair. Later invoicing can be made if circumstances make this necessary.
  3. Price of the services (The price of the service is at this time):
    • Matching au pair and host family including help with all paperwork: 5.600 NOK incl. VAT. All families gets 400 NOK discount  if they pay within 14 days from the invoice date, reducing the total cost to 5.200 NOK  incl. VAT. 
    • Only paperwork, if you have found your own au pair:
      2.950 NOK  incl. VAT - if the au pair needs a new au pair-permit.
      1.850 NOK incl. VAT - if the au pair is changing host family in Norway or is an EU-citizen.

  4. By receiving an Au Pair from "Energy Aupair" the host family declares that they accept and abide the regulations given by the national legislation and the rules set by "Energy Aupair" including the educational purpose of the "Energy Aupair" exchange programme.
  5. "Energy Aupair" hereby undertake the supply of an Au pair/Nanny for your family with 3 months warranty for free replacement from the day of au pairs arrival at the host family.
  6. The host family agrees to be responsible for his/her visa in Norway during his/her stay in the family. He/She will also obtain own room and full board as long as she stays with the family as an au pair/nanny.
  7. If the au pair/nanny should be unable to fulfil the contract due to personal reasons, "Energy Aupair" shall be notified in good time, and "Energy Aupair" will arrange a new au pair/nanny (max. one replacement per paid contract) within 3 months warranty from "Energy Aupair" and without any extra charge to the host family.
  8. Agreed fee to "Energy Aupair" (which is not refundable) for the service shall be paid according to invoice. Payment terms are 14 days from invoice date. The host family agrees to not receive the au pair/nanny till the contract is received in signed conditions by "Energy Aupair" and the fee has been paid in full.
  9. The host family accepts to pay (or compensate in case the au pair already paid the tickets) the au Pair/nanny’s transfer from Oslo to the host family.
  10. If the au pair applies for an au pair permit, but is refused due to circumstances associated with the host family (for example, if the family is quarantined), we will ask the family to cover the au pair's expenses for the application (visa fee).
  11. The au pair/nanny is personally responsible for any damage made by her in the host family’s home and "Energy Aupair" or anyone of their staff is NOT responsible for the actions of the au pair/nanny.
  12. If the host family does not follow "Energy Aupair" agreement or the agreed contract with the Au pair/Nanny, the Au Pair/Nanny can be replaced without compensation to the host family.