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United Arab Emirates
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Au pair Adnan in United Arab Emirates
Dear Family,
You should choose me as an au pair because you can differently rely on me. I have also my sister and I will do it the way I care for her also I am faithful and helpful. And I am hard working person I always work with great dedication, commitment and ambition. Due the fact that I work the hole day with children I feel confident and secure in dealing with them. Another positive aspect through my work is that I am subjected to different kinds of personal characters. And I also realize what it means to work with deficits children. Consequently I know how important it is to provide them individual attention and I am happy to spend that time with them. In my opinion rules are very important in dealing with children. They still have to discover the world and you should help and instruct them but it is also important to show them their borders. And I have the ability to assert myself. The safety and well-being of the children is my priority and my highest bid! Through my driving license and being able to work in a pharmaceutical industry for almost 4 years I had to do a first aid course and I learned there helpful things for an accident and also the basically care of wounds . But for me practice and security in an emergency are essential for survival that is the reason why I decided myself to attend another first aid course which is catered to children and precedes for several days. I have a good combination of work experiences with children so it would be no problem for me to help the children to reach their full potential. I think varied activities are very important for children. Also the closeness to the nature and the fact to build things with their own hands. It is a defining point at growing up. And I would like to support them by finding their ways. For example I love to do handicrafts with children or cook something. The cue “ learning by doing“ pleases me because it corresponds exactly the reality and what I like to do with the children. And you can be sure that the children are going to make rewarding experiences with me. I want to enable them a varying program and I want to encourage them to try new things. I do not want to be a stranger. I want to be a part of your family and I am anxious that the children can unconditional at every time talk to me. We can together resolve difficulties that the children have without tensions and anger. I want to be their friend, contact person and model. I love children and their condition means a lot to me. I am an active and creative person who is always motivated and helpful. Even in all kinds of situations I am patient and cordially. Two of my strengths are that I am open-minded and adaptable. That is another reason why I would be a good au pair I can accustom myself very fast in new situations. I would appreciate it that you will commit me to your children and I will be aware of my duties and responsibilities as an au pair. I am adequate to the task to be an au pair because I am mature and reliable. I can promise you that your children would be in good hands. We would have a lot of fun and they will never be bored.
how are you, hope everything is fine, The reason why I want to be an au pair is to gather valuable memories living with a new family in a foreign country, to see your children grow and learn, meeting new people and new friend and experience the way of life of different culture. It would be great experience for me to share my life with your family become more independent and have a self-confident and spending time with you and your kids. Especially to earned money so that I can also help my family.